Djarum Shisha is made from the freshest tobacco leaves and mixed with a blend of aromatic ingredients. Made with our signature ingredient, Djarum Shisha creates thick, smooth, vapor-enhanced, rich flavors to create a truly memorable experience.

Autumn Grape

A sweet, juicy taste that blends well with other flavors

Frozen Watermelon

An innovative flavor combination that summons up summer

Kretek Mint

Refreshing on its own or as a great mixer to spice up other flavors

Signature Kretek

Djarum’s rich, distinctive, memorable taste and aroma

Tropical Kretek

An exotic island treat with a familiar kick

Fresh Delight

Summer fun flavor to perk up your senses

Ocean Calm

Breezy and relaxing like a day at the beach

Double Apple

A fresh, tasty alternative to shisha tobacco

Sweet Breeze

Sweet juiciness in a unique island taste sensation

Exotic Mojito

An excellent nod to the classic cocktail